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Buying insurance in Nigeria is not as easy as buying insurance should be.

From simply speaking with our customers at Casava, we have identified the following reasons: (1) difficulty in filing claims, (2) a lack of trust in the insurance industry, (3) no sense of value for insurance, and (4) lack of understanding of how insurance actually works.

From your health to your income or property, an insurance cover helps you secure the things that actually matter and provides a safety net for unexpected…

Casava in the life is a series of stories from our users openly talking about their careers and how they are making the most of Casava.

Zainab is a Customer Experience Manager who has become professionally confident over the years. While Zainab has never lost her job, she recognizes the threat of job loss and has taken steps to ensure that she’s not thrown into a state of confusion if it ever happens.

Our conversation with Zainab tells us that financial security is essential for gaining more confidence in yourself.

Catch up…

Hi Zainab, what’s your career been like?

I am a Customer Experience Manager with six years of experience. I started my professional journey as a Contact Centre Professional, then became a Team Lead, before…

If you feel that you are overdue for a salary increase at work, here we have a theory that you will find interesting.

Generally speaking, the reason why you’ve not gotten a raise in your salary is because every organization’s primary financial goal is to minimize expenses and maximize profits. As a result, management may not openly initiate the conversation to increase your salary until you do.

Yet, asking for a raise at work is one conversation that many people find awkward because it involves money. I get it; I’ve been there and I totally understand. …

Casava in the life is a series of stories from our users openly talking about their career and how they are making the most of Casava.

Meet Segun, a Dental Surgeon, with about 5 years of experience working as a medical practitioner in Lagos. Despite not having lost his job before, Segun acknowledges the challenge that job loss can bring to young professionals climbing the ladder and on their finances, especially.

Let’s dive into our conversation.

Tell us more about yourself

I am a Dental Surgeon with about five years of practice and a graduate of the University of Lagos. I completed my housemanship at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital before moving to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital for my service year.

After NYSC, I…

The first week or first few weeks of joining a new company is mostly spent on an onboarding process. During this period, most companies set up their new hires to settle into the new work environment and often do not expect you, a new hire, to do much work.

These first few days are actually very important to both parties. For the employee, this is the period you get to learn as much of the company as possible to help you settle in and prepare to do your best work. …

A crash course on Casava and how it works

What is Casava?

Casava is an insurtech platform protecting you and everything you love with one affordable and easy-to-use subscription. We’re simplifying the insurance process and making sure we’re there for you when something goes wrong without experiencing any hurdles or leaving you stranded.

What Casava Protects— Your Income

Casava is pioneering Nigeria’s first Income Protection Insurance to protect employees from the financial impact of job loss. With Casava’s Income Protection you can insure your income and get paid monthly for 6 months if you lose your job.

Who is Income Protection Insurance For?

If you were laid off today, would you be able to survive on savings, or benefits (if any)? If not…

We’re not on the same page with the Nigerian economy today. Things cost more (have you noticed how small suya is getting?), people are getting laid-off and it is becoming harder to keep a steady flow of cash and make sure that nothing threatens it.

As a young Nigerian today, it is very important to make sure that your cup never runneth. Life is full of uncertainties and in a country like Nigeria, it is important to watch your back so that nothing creeps up on you and takes you unaware. This applies a lot to your income flow.


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Everyone aims to have a high paying job, such that their income can cater to most, if not all, of their daily needs. However, sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of the uncertainties of job insecurity, and we lose our income. That’s why Casava exists.

Casava is pioneering Nigeria’s first income protection insurance — to enable workers to get paid monthly for 6 months if they lose their job.

As a tech-driven startup, we want to build a platform that is reliable 99.99% of the time. While we have the right hands to make this happen, 0.01% of the…

People lose their jobs for many different reasons and the year 2020 has shown us how life really is fickle and can turn into a mess at any time.

Think about your smartphone if you don’t have it nearby or look at the screen if it’s with you. I’m sure you have a phone screen protector to prevent tears or your bank account bleeding if the phone drops. You know how miserable and dazed you might feel if your phone drops without a screen guard and so, you have bought one to prevent this. What have you done? You have made sure to cushion the fall effect if your smartphone does fall face down. …

Hundreds of people are losing their jobs to COVID19 every day. Through #IamEssential, we are sharing experiences of people who recently lost their job and how they’re navigating the situation.

We had a chat with Chuka. A content creator who lost his job and income to COVID-19. Here’s how it happened.

Tell us more about Chuka

I’m a content creator and social media executive. I studied Agric but I ended up here lol. I worked at iOpenEye productions, a theatre production company focused on stories that involve women empowerment and equality.

How did you lose your income? What happened?

Corona happened. The theatre production company where I worked was really hit by the pandemic; all our shows all over the world got cancelled for the year and that meant 2020 was basically done for us. So our management spoke to us and explained…


Simplifying insurance for Africans.

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