Why you need to protect your income while you have a job

People lose their jobs for many different reasons and the year 2020 has shown us how life really is fickle and can turn into a mess at any time.

3 min readApr 7, 2021


Think about your smartphone if you don’t have it nearby or look at the screen if it’s with you. I’m sure you have a phone screen protector to prevent tears or your bank account bleeding if the phone drops. You know how miserable and dazed you might feel if your phone drops without a screen guard and so, you have bought one to prevent this. What have you done? You have made sure to cushion the fall effect if your smartphone does fall face down. You haven’t waited for it to fall, shatter and then you’ll fix and put on a screen guard.

People protect their income whilst they have a job in so many different ways. Some might put it in a savings account, invest it or bury it in the ground and hope that it’ll grow into a money tree. Most adults know that if something happens to their source of income today, they need to have something to fall back on — like family, invested money or that money tree. If they do not make a plan, the situation is going to add a huge stressor to their lives because, how do they pay the light bill for instance or for the internet?

Then there are people who insure their income with income protection insurance.

Income protection insurance helps people who have jobs safeguard their income against uncertainties concerning job security. People lose their jobs for many different reasons and the year 2020 has shown us how life really is fickle and can turn into a mess at any time.

Like many others in 2020, Segun who works as an activation executive in a marketing agency, lost his job a few months into the pandemic. He lost his job because, during the lockdown, marketing activations were paused because people gathering together meant that the coronavirus might be a take-home package for the people who attend. Now Segun lost his job two months after he’s just paid rent at his 1 bedroom flat in Lagos. Segun has also made some long-term investments which he could not cash in at that moment. This means that he would’ve had to take a loan from his friends, family or bank to make do with until he found a new job when things started to open up again in Lagos.

Why would a corporate professional like Segun need income protection insurance?

  • Segun would still get most of his income paid for a period of time whilst he looks for a new job.
  • Segun wouldn’t need to go through the stress of taking a loan from family, friends & banks.
  • One less issue to worry about so that he can focus on finding a new job or learning a new skill that could lead him into a new career path, without having to worry about paying his bills.

We’re offering every employed Nigerian like Segun protection for their income, because, like life, job security has uncertainties too. Get Casava today and earn an income monthly, for 6 months, in the unfortunate incident of losing your job. Your first-month premium is free!




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