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Everyone aims to have a high paying job, such that their income can cater to most, if not all, of their daily needs. However, sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of the uncertainties of job insecurity, and we lose our income. That’s why Casava exists.

Casava is pioneering Nigeria’s first income protection insurance — to enable workers to get paid monthly for 6 months if they lose their job.

As a tech-driven startup, we want to build a platform that is reliable 99.99% of the time. While we have the right hands to make this happen, 0.01% of the time, things go awry as a result of something we missed and this can be very frustrating for our users. To make Casava 100% efficient, we’ve created the Casava Testing Community (CTC), to let our users build with us and be a part of such of life-changing product.

What is the Casava Testing Community

This is a community of early adopters who are passionate to be a part of our big idea. We’re looking for developers, marketers, software testers and anyone who’s happy to spare us some time in testing and breaking through our product. We want you to tell us the bumps you encounter, what you think we’ve missed and more for a bounty.

What do I get for being a Casava tester?

A ₦25,000 bug bounty! At the end of every month, we’ll host a raffle draw for our testing community where 4 people will win ₦25,000 each. Qualifying for the raffle depends on the number of bugs you find, so make Casava your friend and find as many errors as you can!

I’m interested, how do I join?

Joining is absolutely easy. Simply join our Telegram community to get started. That’s it!

We can’t wait to see how you break our system.



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