#IamEssential: Working two jobs as a single mom and getting laid off

Hundreds of people are losing their jobs to COVID19 every day. Through #IamEssential, we are sharing experiences of people who recently lost their job and how they’re navigating the situation.

Chiamaka, a Telesales rep living in Lagos, was laid off in April. Here, she shared her experience and how she cares for her daughter amidst the struggle.

Hi Chiamaka, tell us more about you

Two jobs, one company, interesting. How did this help you manage your finances before the pandemic?

How did unemployment kick in?

We closed that same day and went home. There were conditions for our redeployment which included a redeployment target that was outrageous especially during a pandemic and lockdown where the methods of recovering loans were limited. They were also going to prorate our salary, just us the redeployed staff. One of my colleagues did not accept these terms and was sacked. I accepted and two weeks later management sent a mail that I was not recovering as much as I should and that they are forced to terminate my contract. People were losing their jobs or not getting paid so I half expected this.

Did you receive any employment benefits?

Every day, new lessons. What’s your biggest takeaway from losing your job?

How do you manage your finances now?

Family is truly everything. What keeps you up at night?

If you had the opportunity to buy employment insurance, would you jump at it?

Onwards, what’s the one thing you are you looking forward to?

#IamEssential is led by Casava — an insurance company created to help every Nigerian protect their income from unemployment. We ensure that in the event of job loss or in the case that you can’t work because of a serious injury, you earn your salary for up to 6 months.

Simplifying insurance for Africans.

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