#IamEssential — No steady income has been mentally draining

Hundreds of people are losing their jobs to COVID19 every day. Through #IamEssential, we are sharing experiences of people who recently lost their job and how they’re navigating the situation.

We had a chat with Chuka. A content creator who lost his job and income to COVID-19. Here’s how it happened.

I’m a content creator and social media executive. I studied Agric but I ended up here lol. I worked at iOpenEye productions, a theatre production company focused on stories that involve women empowerment and equality.

Corona happened. The theatre production company where I worked was really hit by the pandemic; all our shows all over the world got cancelled for the year and that meant 2020 was basically done for us. So our management spoke to us and explained the predicament and what it meant for the office and that was it. Thankfully they reached out to us first unlike most stories I’ve seen but yeah I understood the situation and now, here we are.

Does PiggyVest count? I had savings (thankfully) so that worked.

A thankful person, haha 😄

Nah, I don’t.

Once again, PiggyVest and the grace of God, lol.

Shoutout to PiggyVest!

Mainly the mental battle with myself every day. I love structure, I’m that kind of person. So I need that balance. Not having a job/a steady means of income has been mentally draining.

Oh yeah, definitely. I crave structure and balance in my life. If there was a way for me to still be taken care off in times like this, I’m always gonna jump at the opportunity.

Getting back to regular life and work some way, somehow. I’ve been busy for years now, being idle doesn’t work for me lol.

#IamEssential is led by Casava — an insurance company created to help every Nigerian protect their income from unemployment. We ensure that in the event of job loss or in the case that you can’t work because of a serious injury, you earn your salary for up to 6 months.

Simplifying insurance for Africans.