Casava’s guide to buying Insurance in Nigeria

Here’s a not-so-common truth: you expose yourself by not getting insurance for the things that matter.

From your health to your income or property, an insurance cover helps you secure the things that actually matter and provides a safety net for unexpected events in the future.

What are you buying insurance for?

The first step to buying insurance is what you want to cover. This is so because it is what determines everything else in the entire process. The reason for this is that different insurance companies provide coverage for different things.

Is the company authorized to sell insurance?

Buying insurance is a commitment to a relationship that guarantees that when you need coverage, you will be covered. Knowing that the company you are making this commitment with is qualified is essential to a successful experience.

Find a plan that is personalized for you.

The majority of insurance plans in Nigeria are not personalized.

Compare offerings between companies.

One thing many people fail to do before they buy insurance in Nigeria is a cost-benefit analysis between or among insurance providers.

A cost-benefit analysis simply helps you determine the advantages and disadvantages of different options to select which option is better for you.

Basically, if you have two options to choose from, compare their costs and then compare the benefits and go for the one with the better of the options. This is essential because it also helps you understand what different insurance companies are offering, giving you the leverage you need to make your final decision.

Ask lots of questions.

The excuse of ignorance is fast becoming redundant in this age. Asking questions and getting information is much faster today than it was in the past, so you can learn all you need to know about an insurance company or plan before you pay for it.

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The most important aspect of getting insurance is that when you need it the most, your insurance plan will be accessible to you. At Casava, one of our major goals is to build insurance coverage that professionals across Africa can rely on at any point in time.



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